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Boom and Busts

The stock market has had boom and busts, some bigger and more memorable than others.

We all know about the 1929 one, and 1987, which was actually bigger than 29, plus others, but there have been earlier more memorable ones, not necessarily stock market related, but similar, here is one of my favorite ones.


Tulip Craze, (1633 - 37).

This was shown in the second Wall Street movie, by Gecko.

Or at its height a few tulips were worth several hundred thousand in today's terms, then within a few months were next to worthless.


And of course this one.

Bitcoin, (2015 - present day).

Not as dead a horse as l once thought, but still a bubble based on hype and unlikely to reach its previous heights.

Institutional investors are the key and unless they get on board your money is gone for good.

Busts are part of the stock market and need to be taken into account with long term investments.