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Hi, and welcome to the Marketrading Success site, the place for great information on how to trade, chart analysis, and most importantly how to becoming more successful with online trading.


Different Online Accounts

First off there are two types of investing online, Margin trading and Straight trading. Straight is investing your own money and Margin is leveraging your initial equity or deposit.

Both are effective, but since Margin is borrowed money, if you make a profit then they have to pay from their, (the company) own pockets.

This can lead to issues, as well as the initial trade being a lot harder to implement than a straight trade. I won't go into issues here, but due diligence is needed when picking someone online for a new trading account, or Google, "............honest review" first, to be reasonably sure, although that also can be staged. So signing up with someone with experience, forums, etc is a good idea.

Sometimes a substantial cash injection is required to initiate an account, so establishing the trust factor is paramount, good luck.